Bring honour to the state. The essence of freedom and submission to the government is well argued by John Locke. Who should we choose and on what basis. I wonder from the ancient times who would had thought, that our group needs representation and eventually we needed to be submissive in some aspects, all superimposed for a sane civilization .To keep a check on our culture and lines we shouldn't cross ,not be a cynic. Again we want the idea of decentralization to culminate, this is for no one wants monopoly in the apex for the apex. We supported the waves of Internet to decentralize the power to communicate, speech opinions, resources, and definitely the wealth. Lot of the wave now support bitcoin for decentralization of the money. Capitalism as a whole is an ambassador of decentralization. Capitalism pretty much serves to the consumerism. The new trend of freelancers is pretty much a decentralization on how employee should be controlled. Now internet became cheap to the users, B2C ,so that it can earn via B2B .What's crucial is the regulation of the government. We need a regulation on internet giants of how much of us they can sell. That's the need of an hour. Even credit card companies rely on selling the ‘customers data’, pretty much. There's the role of government to give the Legitmization, as it has the position to do so, it's our (consumers) interface to the capitalist world. Not just a nation to other nation via our government.